Jovan Musk

The Musky Scent Of Men

I wear a lot of colognes and body sprays, I love the smell and comfort I get from wearing them.  Jovan Musk For Men is one of those sprays that I wear, my wife bought this cologne for me and we both love it.  She loves to smell the musky scent on me and prefers it over most of my other colognes that I wear, a musky scent is attractive to most women in general.  This cologne spray came in a one fluid ounce bottle (29.5 milliliters), manufactured by Jovan Coty US LLC of New York, Ny. originally founded in Paris.  It was originally launched by the design house of Jovan in 1973, Jovan Musk is a men’s fragrance that combines a blend of spices and exotic woods for a truly manly aroma.


Jovan has built a empire on their fragrances that began in the generation of hippies  and was even the first-ever fragrance to sponsor a rock band, the epic rock band Rolling Stones’ 1981 “Tattoo You” tour.  Coty US LLC is a leading global beauty company with a portfolio of iconic fragrances, color cosmetics and skin and body care products.  Sold in over 130 countries and territories, their product line includes such powerful brands as Rimmel, Calvin Klein, Sally Hansen, Davidoff, Playboy, OPI, Philosophy, Chloe, Marc Jacobs and Adidas.


Coty is also completing a transaction with Procter & Gamble to merge their fine fragrances, color cosmetics, salon professional and hair color business into Coty, including the brands Cover Girl, Clairol, Gucci, Hugo Boss, Max Factor and Wella.  Upon completion of the merger, the Coty company is expected to have a combined annual revenue of approximately $9.2 Billion dollars.


Working with your bodies natural chemistry to give off an attractive, sexy aroma that helps attract women.  A truly powerful, masculine fragrance for men.  The result of the Jovan Musk aroma is very persuasive to women, it is recommended to be worn for romantic encounters.  Today there is a very wide variety of colognes and body sprays on the market for men, it can be very confusing trying to find the best one for yourself.  Many people have their own taste when it comes to aromas or scents, so every brand usually has a wide variety to choose from which at times can feel overwhelming.  I myself would highly recommend that you at least try Jovan Musk, as I believe it is one of the top 10 colognes on the market.


That being said, it is just my opinion I don’t have any actual proof of that.  It is just my personal belief from the experiences I have had with colognes and body sprays.  Jovan Musk is one hundred percent synthetic and like most other colognes and body sprays it is flammable so keep it away from open flames, heaters and such.  Jovan Musk is a great gift idea for men for Christmas, Anniversaries, Father’s day, Birthday presents, Valentine’s gifts.  It even makes a great gift for special occasions and those heated evenings laying around the house together.

You can v Jovan Musk at most retail outlet stores and see all their fragrances for men and women at their website

I received nothing nor was I paid from Jovan Coty US LLC for this review.

Jovan Musk For Men gets White Owls stamp of approval! 5 Stars!


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