Woowexx Ear Plugs

Ear Protection Is Vital!

Woowexx Noise Reducing Earplugs

The Woowexx Noise Reducing Ear Plug fit very comfortably in the ear even after hours of usage, I have pretty sensitive ears and a lot of the modern ear plugs hurt my ears after a hour or two. The high quality aluminum carrying tube can attach to a set of keys which is very convenient for those who are always on the go, I work in construction so I understand this more then most. I travel from job site to job site and am always walking the job and having meetings with employees so I am constantly taking my hearing protection in and out throughout the day.  At a price of $21.94 (at the time of this review), Woowexx is a little prices but in my opinion much better then their competitors.

Noise Reducing Ear Plugs

Ear plugs do not stop ALL noise!

Having a container I can keep on my person at all times to store my ear plugs is very important to me as I would normally stash the ear plugs in my pockets and sometimes would forget they are there and would wash my clothing to find two or more pairs have come out in the wash. The Woowexx ear plugs are the same as all the other ear plugs on the market in one way, they do NOT stop all noise. Ear plugs do not get rid of all the noise we come into contact with, they simply reduce the noise to a tolerable level. I have spent many years in construction and I can tell you first hand how important hearing protection really is by seeing so many men who have lost a lot of their hearing because they never wore hearing protection while on the job.

Best Earplugs on the market


Noise levels are important to understand

The Woowexx set comes with two sets of ear plugs, a white set and a black set. It can be a little hard to tell them apart as you have to look at the little tube in the inner part of the bottom of the ear plug, I know this is hard for older or elderly people as I myself am losing some of my vision. The white set of ear plugs has a noise rating of 28db and the black set a noise rating of 20db, the db of hearing is very important and if you are not aware of this you should do some research on google about it. Inside the little tube you will find a gratitude card to the customer and one string to attach to the earplugs, you would think having two sets of ear plugs the would include two sets of strings to attach them to but they do not.

Woowexx Ear Protection

My wife loves these ear plugs, she will not wear any other kind now that she has been introduced to these. I had her try another set that came with some sleeping mask and she quickly referred to them as rubbish compared to these, these are some of the best ear plugs on the market and you will not regret purchasing them.  You can purchase your Woowexx ear protection at Amazon.com through this link Woowexx Noise Reducing Ear Plugs

I received this product at a deep discount or completely free for my unbiased and truthful review of the product.

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