NYB Bergamot Pure Essential Oil

Let’s discuss some essential oils

Bergamot Oil Review


  Essential oils….They are not just for hippies anymore.  More and more people are starting to broaden their understanding and knowledge about the importance of their healing properties and I am one of those who are introducing essential oils into their lives.  In the past, I’ve used oils as perfumes and as air fresheners but they can be used for so much more.  Right now, I’m experimenting with New York Biology 100% Pure & Natural Bergamot Essential Oil.  When you open the bottle, your senses are hit with a delightful orange citrus scent as if you were standing in an orange grove when the trees are full of blossoms.  


Take the cap off and BAM!

New York Bergamot Essential Oil Review


  Right off you experience a soothing, relaxing sensation as if you were snuggling by a fire drinking a cup of Earl Gray tea.  So what is so impressive about Bergamot Essential Oil?  The Bergamot fruit is a crossbreed of a lemon tree and an orange tree.  With it’s citrus properties, it is great as a natural mosquito repellent with no harmful chemicals to worry about putting on your children or yourself and it smells great.  And because it is a powerful antibacterial, analgesic, antiseptic and antispasmodic it can be used as an insect bite salve, deodorant, inhalant and help prevent the spread of bacterial infections from the urethra into the bladder by using in your bath water, it speeds up the healing process for cold sores, mouth ulcers, herpes, shingles and chickenpox. 


Scents and healthy all in one

NYB Bergamot Essential Oil Review


  It is also a great topical remedy for infections brought on by candida fungus strains.  In aromatherapy it lessens stress, anxiety, relieves depression and headaches and because it has statin like principles & carries the 3-hydroxy-3- methylglutaric acid (HMG) moiety it can be used to prevent heart disease & lower cholesterol.  Amazing isn’t it?  You don’t want to use the oil straight from the bottle because of it’s concentration and it can irritate the skin or mouth.  You can purchase the New York Biology 100% Pure & Natural Bergamot Essential Oil on Amazon.com for the price of $12.50 (at the time of this review).


Make sure that you dilute it!

Essential healing oils review


  You should dilute it before using it.  You can use water, unscented moisturizers or oils to apply it to the skin.  You can also, carefully add to a candle.  Light a candle, let the wax melt a bit, blow out the candle and without touching the wick, add a drop onto the melted wax and relight the candle.  The oil is highly flammable so you do not want it to touch the wick and do not leave the candle unattended or around children, it can also be used in a diffuser.  

Here are some other essential oils that it can be mixed with to create multi-level custom  scents:

Cedarwood, Citronella, Clary Sage, Geranium, Ho Leaf, Neroli, Lavender, Lemon, Palmarosa, Rosewood, Tangerine & Ylang-Ylang

  And those carrier oils work great with Bergamot to apply on your skin to moisturize, as perfumes & massage oils; sweet almond oil, apricot kernel oil, grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil.  


Bergamot 101


Recipe for a concentrated scent:

3-5 drops for every 1 teaspoon of your carries oil or water.  For a larger area prepare 1 drop of essential oil for every teaspoon of carrier oil or water.  If you are going to use on a baby, 1 drop of essential oil to 4 teaspoons of the carrier oil or water.

In the bath:

Add 3-5 drops to your bath salts or to a teaspoon of a carrier oil before adding to the bath water.  Adding the oil to the carrier before adding it to the water will help prevent direct contact of the oil with the skin which can cause irritation.


Final thoughts

Essential oil product review


  An important thing to remember, when using topically, wait 72 hours after application before getting into direct sunlight because it could cause a severe sunburn so when using as a mosquito repellant, you may want to spritz the solution onto your clothing instead of directly onto your skin.  Since Bergamot Oil is sensitive to sunlight, breaking down it’s properties, it should be stored in a brown bottle, which New York Biology Bergamot Essential Oil is packaged as such.  It also comes with a dropper making it easier for you to measure out the amount needed to mix with a carrier oil or water.  I am very pleased with the quality of this oil the fact that it is 100% pure & natural and it is Bergaptene free but most importantly it is not tested on animals!

I received this product at a deep discount or free for my unbiased and truthful review of the product.

Rating 5 Stars
A review written by
White Owl’s Wife
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