ToyOrganize Bath Organizer

Space Saving Baby Bath Toy Organizer

Baby bath toy organizer review


     Bath time with my grand-daughter is all about having fun, getting her comfortable with bathing is a real chore but having lots of toys for her to play with eases the whole situation.  Trying to store those toys in a bathroom is pretty much impossible and toting them in and out just won’t work for me.  This is why I am thrilled I came across the bath toy organizer, having somewhere to store all her bath toys in a quick access location while also keeping them out of the way for the rest of the family.


It is a multipurpose unit

Space saving bath toy organizer review


    The organizer attaches to a bathroom tile wall, shower glass door, or fiberglass shower surface securely with the provided suction cup hooks, the pocket of the organizer where the toys are stored is netted to allow water to drain out from off the wet toys when they are stored after use.  I really enjoy having the organizer to keep her toys in and I use it to store emergency bottles of shampoo and conditioner in.  The organizer is usable by all ages so as the child grows it can still serve a purpose, it can even be used by adults too.  The organizer is packaged to be sold as a product for a toddler but really it can be used by any age person to store just about anything that they may use in the shower or bath.  It comes with heavy duty suction cup hooks that attach securely on the wall, then the netted pocket is attached to the hooks providing a location in the bath or shower for storage.


Those darn toys!

babies and toddler's bath toy organizer review


    I know for me having toys scattered about the bathroom is very annoying and trying to find somewhere in the bathroom to stash the toys is even worse, especially when you are expecting company or those surprise visits.  It is also unsightly to have the toys surrounding the tub sitting on the rim, this is one of the worst for me because when the toys are there you can sometimes accidentally nudge them and they will fall into the tub.


I’ve fallen and I can’t blah blah, lol

diy kid's toy organizer review


  Not only is that annoying but can be dangerous as well, when you bend over to get the toys that fell off the edge you can slip and fall.  This can cause serious injury to yourself so it would be best to avoid that, which is a great reason to purchase this product.  The bath toy organizer is also mold resistant, so that is also one less worry about stashing those wet toys.  You can purchase your bath toy organizer through this link Space Saving Organizer on Amazon, for the price of  $12.93 (at the time of this review).

 I received this product at a deep discount or free for my unbiased and truthful review of the product.

Rating 5 Stars
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White Owl
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