SMRT WRLD Adjustable Child Safety Lock

Protecting Our Babies Is Vital!




There are a lot of things is this world that I care about but probably the most important thing to me is a child’s safety.  When my son was born, I tried everything in my power to make sure that he was safe.  As he grew, I learned a lot about a child’s safety and now that I am a grandfather, I am very protective of my little angel granddaughter.  She means the world to me and I want to make sure she never comes to harm in any manner, this is why I am proactively searching for new ways to protect her.  Having the honor to review a product meant to protect a child from harm is very pleasing to me personally, I love all of the world’s children!


Installation Is Super Simple!


SMRT WRLD Adjustable Child Safety Lock Review


  The adjustable child safety lock straps are super easy for protecting all those little ones in your life but they also are easy in allowing an adult access through them.  Most of the child safety locks can be a hassle and hard to use because they need to be installed (most require some sort of tool) and over 50% of them are hard to open even for adults.  SMRT WRLD Child Safety Locks are very simple to install; simply clean the desired location for installation and peel off the 3M adhesive cover and stick on where needed.  You can purchase the SMRT WRLD Multi Purpose Adjustable Child Safety Lock on Amazon for the price of $11.78 (at the time of this review).

So Simple It’s Stupid!


Child Safety Latches Review


  That simple, it requires no tools to be installed simply peel and stick.  Making sure the surface area is clean where the safety lock will be installed is key to installation.  Dirt and residue will cause the lock not to stick properly so it is vital that the area be cleaned.  There are so many applications for this product that it is stupid, some of those applications include securing cabinet doors, oven doors, dryer doors, microwaves, dresser drawers and refrigerator doors just to name a few.  I don’t know how many times I’ve seen my son open a dryer door onto his little head or opening the oven door onto himself causing him to fall, it killed me inside to see him do these things and a product like this can avoid those awful situations.


No Permanent Damage To Your Property


Child Safety Products Review


One of the best features of this product is that there is no drilling required, there will be no damage to your property from installing or removing this product.  We don’t want to put our kids at risk and sometimes that means damaging our personal property to secure it for the little ones, this is not the case with the SMRT WRLD Adjustable Child Safety Locks.   So this product would be great for those who rent and not have to worry about losing their deposit because of damaged cabinets to protect their children.  There are so many dangers for a child in our home most of them we are completely unaware of so it is important to research these dangers.  People who have experienced a lot of those dangers have wrote about their experiences online, some where, and with a simple search you can discover these issues and take steps to avoid them.


Baby See, Baby Do!


Replacement Safety Lock Adhesive Pads Review


Babies and toddlers are naturally curious and will get into everything, you might not think it would be possible for them to get access of something but they will surprise you and do just that.  During early stages of life, babies are programmed to discover their surroundings and will set out to do so.  It is a parent’s job to make sure that discovery effort doesn’t get them into trouble and cause them harm.  The strap on the child safety lock is adjustable and can be cut to desired length, if needed, this allows for application on just about anything in your home.


Nothing Is Better Then A Mother’s Love!


Child's Safety Products Product Review


This is a great product but it does have it’s downfalls, as well.  The latch to open the product can be a little annoying and sometimes the upper part of the latch will hang up on the lower half.  Also, the lock being secured by the 3M tape can leave a residue behind when removed, plus it will sometimes come loose or fall off.  If applied for an extended amount of time the adhesive does not stick as well and will need to be continuously replaced, although you do get two extra adhesive pads with the unit.  In the end, nothing can protect a child like a parent.  Keeping your eyes on your kids is probably the BEST way to protect your kids.  #childsafetylock


I received this product at a deep discount or free for my unbiased and truthful review of the product.

Rating 3 Stars
A review written by
White Owl
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