Bright Outdoors LED Safety Light


There are a ton of uses for this safety light


   I could think of over a hundred situations that this little light would come in handy, the most obvious reason would be to use it as a safety light while running.  These days many people enjoy the hobby of running/jogging but a lot of dangers are associated with the hobby, especially when you are doing it at night, in the dark.  You would want something like this light to warn passing vehicles that you are in the area or as a flashlight to see where you are going, especially in wooded areas.  Another reason to where this safety light is hiking which is an activity that I truly enjoy, being on the trails alone in the woods, time can sometimes get away from you and that is when you will desperately need a light to help you guide your way back to safety.


Bright Outdoors Safety light review


You may need sunglasses for this light!


   The brightness of this little safety light is impressive even during the day, both the clear and the red LED are extremely bright for their size.  The belt clip on the back makes the light universal in its ability to be attached to your clothing or accessories, you can clip it on your arm band, shirt, belt, hat, pocket, waistband, shoe, backpack, headband, shoe lace.  Having the ability to put it wherever it is needed is very important, depending on the activity you want to engage in, would depend on where you want to your light to be located.  This helps in the ability to change the point of view of the light if needed, if you have the light on your waist and move it to the brim of you ball cap the point of view will change drastically.  You can also clip the light on your pet!  This is a great idea for animal lovers like myself, you can clip the light on your pet to keep track of them.  If you want to take your pet out jogging with you or even if you let your pet outside your house and want to keep an eye on them in the yard.  How wonderful is that?  Simply attach the light by the clip to their collar or use the provided armband as a collar, or if you are with your pet you can attach the light to their leash so you can both see and be seen.


Red Light For Runners Review


Red Means Stop!


The red safety light is necessary to be able to warn vehicles, as most drivers associate the red color with stopping, this is vital to runners who choose to jog down a roadway with vehicles passing them.  In this situation, you would want to think about the flow or direction of the traffic to decide which place on your person you would want the light to be located, say you are running with the traffic (which I don’t recommend) then you would want to have the light on the backside of you so the oncoming traffic can see it.  You would place the light on the back of your waistband with your shirt tucked in or on your backpack if you are wearing one, or if that is uncomfortable you can attach the light to the heel of your shoe.  It also comes with a silicon strap to be able to attach it to a pole or bar up to 4″ in diameter.


Bright Runners Light Review


Are you kidding me?


 The best thing about this light, in my opinion, is that it is rechargeable, having the ability to plug this light into your laptop or phone charger to charge it up is outstanding!  I hate having to buy those little watch type batteries, I will usually toss a product out rather than go buy new batteries for it.  The light comes with a short standardised micro-USB charging cable which is about 4″ in length, it is a relatively short cord but most users would charge their light on their laptop or desktop computer or in their car, so the cord length shouldn’t be a issue.  There are 4 different lighting modes and 3 different attachment methods which means this little light is just about as versatile as they come, you can use the clip to attach it to your person and the strap to attach it to bikes, strollers, walking canes, helmets, etc.  It also comes with a velcro armband just in case you don’t already have your own.


The most versatile running light on the market


So Small You Might Lose It


Compact and super-light the Bright Outdoors Safety Light measures 2″ high by 1″ wide and about 3/4″ thick, so it will not get in the way even on your jogging outfit.  This would be the perfect light to have in those dire situations when you get lost or hurt and are trying to signal emergency responders or passing pedestrians.   Giving off an immense amount of light from an ultra-light tiny package, you can barely even feel the light’s 1/2 ounce weight when it is attached to you.  It has an operation time of up to 12 hours per charge, there is a lot you can accomplish in 12 hours and if you are out jogging that long, you are to active and need to take a break!  

Outdoor Running Light Review


Keep That Sucker Handy

Keep this little light in your glove compartment, by your front door, near your bike or anywhere that you might need it in a hurry.  Take it when you go out to put out the garbage, your next camping trip, walking the dog for his night time duties, just make sure to take it on your next adventure or outing as you never know when it will come in handy!  The durable, water resistant enclosure with a rubber USB port cover will make sure no damage to your light if a sudden downpour should happen while you are out, the silicone and velcro straps are this highest quality on the market today!  

Running light review

Money Back Guarantee


  If you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, contact the seller and they will issue a full refund or a replacement, no questions asked!  It comes as a single red light for $12.95 or a two pack of red and black for $17.95 (I recommend the two pack for savings), you can buy it through this link Bright Outdoors LED Safety Light on


I received this product at a deep discount or free for my unbiased and truthful review of the product.

Rating 5 Stars
A review written by
White Owl
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