Black Box Honey Type Leather Cleaner


Leather Requires Maintenance


Black Box Leather Cleaner Review



  I have several articles of apparel that are made from genuine leather and I like to keep them in as good of condition and clean as I can.  I work in the field of construction and am hard on my leather boots and gloves, I am harder on my clothing than the average person.  I get into all kinds of situations from working with epoxy to painting, sometimes I even stand in wet cement.  Thus, my leather boots and gloves have been tortured beyond what the average person would do to theirs, so if a product will work on my leather then it should work great on yours.  I also have a nice leather jacket my wife bought for me many years ago that I care a lot about and want to keep in good condition.


Sorry It Won’t Work On Suede


Black Box Leather Cleaner Product Review



  The Black Box Honey Type Leather Cleaner can be purchased through this link, Black Box Cleaner, for $12.95 for a 8 ounce bottle or $19.95 for a 16 ounce bottle.  This product has multiple uses including cleaning leather jackets, leather gloves, leather boots & shoes, leather couches & other leather furniture or car upholstery, leather motorcycle seats and bags, leather handbags, horse saddles & bridles, leather sporting goods, etc.  It will not work on suede or nu-buck type leather products.  Regular usage of this product provides lasting protection on your leather products, over time leather tends to dry out and becomes brittle and will crack if not properly maintained.  


Make Sure To Treat Your Leather Nicely


Black Box Cleaner


   Black Box Honey Type Leather Cleaner & Conditioner will repair, soften, strengthen and moisturize your leather, even old and neglected leather.  A lot of people don’t realize it but when you purchase your leather product it needs to be treated immediately, this helps to protect your investment overtime.  Even if you haven’t yet treated your leather product and it has been years since you purchased it, you can still treat it and most of the time it will look brand new but most importantly it will last you a lot longer if you properly cared for it.  


Safe Non-Toxic Product


Black Cleaner


   The Black Box Leather Cleaner is non-toxic & non-sticky, it is a water based formula which has no harsh or damaging chemicals.  The cleaner doesn’t leave any weird or over-whelming smells on your newly cleaned leather, nor does it leave behind a greasy “vaseline” film.  It was specially formulated to “protect” or “coat” the leather, deeply penetrating into the pores promoting flexibility & durability, effectively preventing premature drying and cracking.  The cleaner does not contain Lanolin to prohibit any bacteria & mold growth, the cleaner absorbs into the leather within 30 minutes of application.


Didn’t Work So Well On My Work Boots


Wilson Leather Jacket


  I applied the product to my work boots and it didn’t seem to do such a great job on those but I applied it to my leather jacket and it worked great on it.  My work boots are covered in epoxy and several different types of paint, I didn’t expect a whole lot from the cleaner on my boots anyway.  On my jacket on the other hand I was very pleased with the way the cleaner worked, it cleaned the jacket very well.  I had some gunk on it, I am not sure what it was but the cleaner took it right off.  It was some sort of white globs on the sleeves of my jacket from where I wore it to work one day when I shouldn’t have, I guess something splashed up on my jacket and I didn’t notice it right away but it eventually hardened so much that I couldn’t wipe it off even with some other types of cleaners.  The Black Box Honey Type Cleaner got the gunk right off with very minimal scrubbing which was very impressive to me.  I went on to coat the entire jacket in the cleaner, it did not make the jacket all shiny and new but it did do it’s job in cleaning the jacket like it is supposed to do.


I received this product at a deep discount or free for my unbiased and truthful review of the product.

Rating 4 Stars


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White Owl







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