Jill Up 13-In-1 (2) Pack Skull Face Cover


The Jill UP Premium Full Coverage Set


Jill Up Head Tube Sock Mask Review


I really like these head tube things, the skull is just an added bonus for me personally.  This 2-pack consist of one tube with a skull on it and a plain tube that is solid black, they are a type of head/neck warmer wrap device.  Studies in the past have determined that the facial region and neck are more sensitive to changes in atmospheric temperature changes than the rest of the human body.  I noticed this myself when I lived up in New Hampshire, the temperature change was a major adjustment for me and having a multifunctional headwear like this was vital for me.  It can help protect the face and neck area, I even bought a thicker version of this called a “head sock” for the winter to protect my face from the bitter cold.


A Very Versatile Product


Skull Head Tube Mask Sock


  A head tube like this can be useful in many situations which include riding a motorcycle, a bicycle, jogging, running, fishing, hunting, camping, skydiving, skiing, hiking or working/playing outdoors in general.  This particular piece of headgear can be worn as a scarf, headband, helmet liner, half face mask, beanie, bandana, head wrap, balaclava, neck gaiters, tactical hood, neck tube, hat, hoodie, dust/wind mask, ski mask and so many other forms.   Instead of purchasing all those pieces of clothing attire, you can purchase just this one tube and save yourself hundreds of dollars.  The fabric is very soft to the touch and it feels very natural to wear on your person, a lot of the times I forget it is even on when I am wearing it.  With a purchase price of $8.97 (at the time of this review), you really can’t go wrong with buying it.  The head tube is for sale on Amazon thru this link 13-in-1 (2) pack Skull Face Cover.


Add A Bit Of Flair To Your Life


Jill Up Mask Review


  The skull adds a bit of style or personality to the tube, you can use it as an added layer of comfort under hats and helmets or wear it just as it is.  It does not get to cold down here so I wear it more to protect my face from the wind and sun, especially while out fishing.  It is lightweight and does not get in the way or block your field of vision while you go about your day, the simple thin layer makes it easy to slip under your hat to protect your hair from tangling in the wind.  It is very breathable, it is super thin allowing you to breathe with ease.  One issue I did notice with it is that the area under your eyes is not cut low enough to the skull print on the mask, I will end up cutting mine lower after I finish this review of the product.


It Does Have Some Issues


Head Tube Sock Review


  Crafted out of 100% high-quality polyester, it offering durability, four-way stretch, breathability, absorption & thermal characteristics with humidity control.  I noticed that when I wore the head tube, when I tried to put it around my face, that it was not elastic and therefore stuck out from my face.  Designed to be stretchy, you would think they would make the ends elastic so that they would stick to your face.  It is designed to be moisture wicking, it wicks away moisture faster than most competitor products.  The tube measures 7″ wide by 23 1/2″ long, the shipping weight of the product is 0.8 ounces.



Soft and non-irritant

Machine Washable

four-way stretch


Protection for your skin

One size fits most

90 day 100% money back guarantee




Can hide faces for criminal activity

The end of the tubes are not elastic 

Most stores will not allow you entry while wearing it

The skull print is to low on the fabric


I received this product at a deep discount or free for my unbiased and truthful review of the product.


Rating 3 Stars


A review written by

White Owl






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