Munchkin Inflatable Safety Duck Tub

Woohoo Kids, It’s Bath Time!


Munchkin Safety Duck Bath Tub Product Review


  Bath time for babies can be a dangerous adventure, there are threats like drowning and head injuries to be concerned with. The Munchkin White Hot Inflatable Duck Tub address both of those concerns for me, the inflatable duck protects a babies fragile head from the hardness of the tub and it holds very little water to help avoid the drowning scenario. The inflatable duck has it’s own built in plug drain to allow the water to escape and a suction cup on the base of the tail end of the duck to allow for easy, temporary storage of the unit.


When Is Bath Water To Hot For Babies?


Munchkin Duck Bath Tub For Kids


  The main reason I bought this product was for the White Hot Safety Disc that is in the tub area next to the drain plug, this helps so much for a new  parent to know when water is too hot for a babies skin. The disc will turn white with the word HOT showing in red when the bath water is too warm for a baby and will turn solid blue when the water is safe for a baby to be bathed in it.  You can purchase this wonderful inflatable safety duck tub through this link Munchkin Safety Duck Tub for $10.95 (at the time of this review).


New Mothers Have A Lot To Learn


Inflatable Duck Bathtub For Children Review


  This was specially important for me as I purchased it for a gift for the mother of my granddaughter, she is a first time parent and has a lot to learn about taking care of an infant. The contoured headrest allows for the rinsing of a babies hair, if you ever tried this without leaning your babies head against something then you will know how hard this can be. They state on the box that this is a product for babies age 6 to 24 months old but I think it can be used with a newborn baby as well, this is just my opinion. This is the reason that you should always read a products safety information rather then trust a strangers advice in a product review, not everyone will see the world as you do.


The Symbol Of Love And Admiration For Children


Inflatable Ideas for kids



  The bottom of the duck tub is inflatable as well so your baby does not have to sit uncomfortably on a hard surface to be bathed, there are two separate stems to blow up, one for the main body and one for the bottom of the bath tub area. The inflatable tub being shaped as a duck and the bright yellow coloring of the duck adds to the appeal to a baby.  The duck is a symbol that most youth love and associate with fun and water, while the vibrant yellow coloring targets the eye sensory of a child. This is a great baby & toddler tub for both the child and the parent, it allows for easy access, storage and can be used in multiple locations.

It’s Not Just For Bath Time Either


Best Inflatable Bath Tub For Children Babies Toddlers Product Review


You don’t only have to use it in the tub, you can bath your child in any room of the house if you would like and as your child grows the duck can be used a flotation device if proper supervision is present. This tub offers endless hours of fun, your child would love this inflatable duck even if you inflate it with no water added, just toss it on the floor and watch your child climb and play. I bought this product as a gift for my future granddaughter because past experience with children has taught me that she will love it.


Product Rating – 5 Stars


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