ShikShook Premium Cocktail Shaker Set


A few shakes and the party is in full effect!



Premium High Quality Professional Grade Cobbler Shaker Set Product Review


  You have some friends over for a small party and you ask them “What’s your poison?”  They tell you and now its time to entertain & impress.  You pull out this black velvet bag that says, ShikShook shake your life, and you’ve got your friends’ attention as you slip out this sleek 25 ounce stainless steel professional shaker set.  You add ice to the shaker, then fit the pourer snugly into the bottles and watch how smoothly and effortlessly the liquor flows into the stainless steel jigger as you measure out the liquor for their drinks, adding it to the shaker with some juice.


Let’s get the drinks flowing!


ShikShook Premium Cocktail Shaker Set


  Now you place the top and cap of the shaker in place and gently shake.  The sound of the ice in the shaker gets your guests attention and heighten their anticipation as they watch you pour their drinks into a chilled glass with ice.  Don’t worry about the strainer because the shaker comes with its own built-in strainer, you just watch with delight as you hand your guest their drinks made like a real professional bartender would. The party begins…..  You can purchase your ShikShook Shaker Set on for $14.99 (at the time of this review) from this link ShikShook Premium Professional Grade Cocktail Shaker Set.


Made of high quality materials


Bottles Spout Pourers set to pour liqueur review


  I really like my ShikShook Cocktail Shaker Set because it is made with high quality stainless steel so you never have to worry about it rusting on you.  The parts fit snugly together so no leakage or waste of your valuable liqueur.  It fits nicely in your hand so you can have a good grip as you shake your way to an enjoyable drink.  The pourers are made with  high quality rubber and stainless steel, allowing you to have control of the amount of liquor that effortlessly flows out without dribbling or spilling.  The nicely crafted stainless steel double jigger measures a 1/2 shot and a full shot, leaving the guess work out while making a drink.


This is a product like what’s behind the bar at the local bars


Cocktail Cobbler Set Review


Everything about this product express professionalism even the box that it arrived in giving you 3 drink recipes on its side and a code for 100 recipes for cocktails e-book.  This product is easy to clean and dishwasher safe, it has a lifetime guarantee.  This product will make any home bar look like a professional bar, a must have item for and home barista.  Every piece of the set is made of 304 grade 18/8 Stainless Steel, FDA approved materials.  The large 25 oz cobbler shaker measures about 7 1/2 inches high and 3 1/2 inches around, total weight is about 9.6 ounces.


I received this product at a deep discount or free for my unbiased and truthful review of the product.


Product Rating – 5 Stars


A Review Written By

White Owl’s Wife





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