WearMe Pro Cat Eye Sunglasses


These definitely make a statement when wearing them!


WearMe Pro Cat Eye Style Sunglasses Review


   Do you want to be a trendsetter, be noticed, the “hip” person on the block?  Then you definitely want to buy WearMe Pro Eyeware’s Cat Eye Sunglasses.  This design is very unique, a mix with high-tech with the hip cat eye shape glasses.  Though, the sunglasses are over-sized, they are very light-weight & comfortable to wear.  I can hardly tell that I am wearing them.  The nose piece sits comfortably on the bridge of my nose without pinching it to tightly.  Due to the glasses huge shape, I think they should of been referred to as “Bug Eye” glasses instead of “Cat Eye” but that’s just my opinion.


Want to be part of the “it” crowd?


Wear me pro eye wear cat eye style sunglasses product review


  This style is great for a person with a full face, giving the face a thinner look.  If you want to stand out on the street and be noticed, then this sunglasses are for sure what you are looking for, these Cat Eye Sunglasses are the “in” style for trend setters today.  Ok, they look cool but how well can you see through them though?  The lens are reflective but a person can still see your eyes through the reflective lenses.  The tint is perfect, keeping the bright sunlight out of your eyes but still able to see enough if you enter a building or a shaded area.


I didn’t hear a crunch, so that’s a good thing


WearMe Pro Eyewear Cat Eye Style Sunglasses Product review


 I am not sure if the lens are high-definition but they sure look like they are with a very nice crisp vision.  They are very well constructed also.  I sat on mine by accident and bent the arms that go behind the ear but I was able to bend them back into the correct position with no noticeable damage.  I love these WearMe Pro Cat Eye Sunglasses & I know you will too.   You can purchase your own set of WearMe Pro’s Cat Eye Sunglasses for $9.99 (at the time of this review) thru this link WearMe Pro’s Cat Eye Style Sunglasses.


Not a large variety to choose from


Cat Eye Style eye wear review


  They come in five different colors, Black frame with red lens, Blue frame with blue lens, Gold frame with gold lens, Mirrored pink and the Purple frame with purple lens that I purchased.  They are all made the same way though, a metal frame with plastic non-polarized lens but have 100% protection against harmful UVA/UVB rays. 


I received this product at a deep discount or free for my unbiased and truthful review of the product.

Product Rating – 5 Stars


A Review Written By

White Owl’s Wife





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