TCP Global 11pc Specialty Tools


This is a must have tool set for any auto enthusiast! 


TCP Global 11pc Fastener, trim & molding removal tool set kit product review


  I personally do a lot of work on my vehicles that require removing the door panels, installing speakers, fixing window controls and so on.  I am the worst when it comes to buying the tools that I need, I always think “Oh, these tools will work”, then I end up messing something up.  The worst part of taking off a door panel is the little plastic inserts or fasteners, you either break one of them or the housing where they are located breaks.  I don’t know how many times I have done that instead of going out to buy the right tools for the job, that is why I was super excited about receiving the TCP Global 11 Piece Fastener, Trim & Molding Removal Tool Set to review.  


They might be plastic by they are GREAT quality tools!


TCP Global Tool Set Product Review

  I was really surprised by the size and thickness of the tools, I thought they would be small tiny things, the length of the tools are perfect for the job.  They are made of a durable, heavy duty nylon fiberglass composite plastic, which allows you to have serious leverage with damaging your car or breaking the tool.  Granted the tools are made of a plastic material but you are not prying on something super hard, it is a plastic door panel that needs removed so plastic tools are great for the job.  There are metal versions of these tools that can be acquired for much more then the cost of this plastic tool set but why pay more for a tool if they will both do the same job?


This kit has all the tools you need to get the job done!


TCP Global Door Panel Removal Tool Set Review


  Besides, you don’t want to use a metal tool on your ride, you’ll end up damaging your paint job or denting your car.  The TCP Global Tool Set comes with a 6″ remover, a 7″ remover, 8″ remover, 7″ remover, 8.5″ upholstery clip remover, 8″ angled clip panel remover, 8″ flat clip panel remover, 8″ panel remover, 8″ sharp panel remover, 8″ clip panel remover and a 8″ straight panel remover.  This is a really great set of tools to get the job done, you have basically any tool you would need for any door panels, trim and molding on your vehicle.  You can purchase your TCP Global Tool Set at your local Walmart or online at for $15.96 (at the time of this review), that’s right just $15.96 can save you from a huge headache of not having the right tools for the job.


Folds up and secures for easy storage


Universal Door Panel Removal Kit Review


  I know, like me, you will find that these tools can be used for other projects around the house too, you can use these tools for a lot of other jobs other then working on your car.  The bright orange coloring is great too, so you don’t lose a tool in the leaves or grass.  The set comes in a real nice, heavy duty storage bag that folds to overlap the tools and Velcros shut so they don’t fall out during storage or transport.  These tools are a must have for any true auto enthusiast, perfect for any garage, shop, toolbox or can even be stored under your car’s seat.


I received this product at a deep discount or free for my unbiased and truthful review of the product.


Product Rating – 5 Stars


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White Owl






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