Amazon Reviews

Need a review?

  Do you need a Amazon review?  We have a prime account and we are willing to do reviews on Amazon in exchange for free or deeply discounted products.  Here is a link to our Amazon Profile, here you will be able to see our account and our past reviews on Amazon.  Just contact us by message or email us @ and tell us what type of product you would like for us to review.

  Once you email us, we will contact you back to let you know if we am interested or able to review the product.  Then you will need to send us the discount code for the product so we can purchase it. 

  Once we receive the product and have had time to review it, we will then leave a review on  Once we leave the review we will again contact you to let you know the review has been posted and give you the link to the review.  

We do reviews in several manners:

1. A plain written review on

2. A written review with pictures

3. A full written review with pictures and video

  The type of review we will do depends on the product, the time we have available and the compensation for the review.